Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My name is Cassie, and I'm a cliché.

I've been texting back and forth with my friend Meg tonight, discussing the finer things in life (you know, like hair products and designer jeans) and came across a list of things I'd like to better in my life. As much as I'd like to sit and say again this year, I'll not be making resolutions, my list sure sounds like a lot of well thought out goals for 2010.

I've come to find I spend waste a lot of free time doing less than productive things (but Facebook needs me!), then I find a lot of things to complain about later when free time has ended. Like those other things that didn't get done.

For 2010, my overall goal is to become a better house wife. To be a successful adult in my personal life. To be my own rock star. And here is my list:

1. Running - I stopped running when I started day shift 4 months ago. It's one of the worst decisions I've ever made (we wont go in to some of the others right now...). I feel terrible, I've gained back 10lbs I'd otherwise keep off while still enjoying my beer and margaritas, and again I'm becoming winded doing some of the smallest tasks. I'm thinking out my running goal. It will fall somewhere under "I'd like to run X amount of days a week" or "I'd like to run X amount of miles in a year". But I still technically have 2 days to hammer out the details.

2. Cleaning - Bottom line, I need a chore chart like my mom made for me as a kid. I get super lazy on work days (I work 12's) and things pile up until the weekend (but I just worked 4 12's!) and then it's a gamble as to whether simple things, like sweeping the floor, get done. They usually do, thanks to my husband. Then I feel like an ass.

3. Cooking - More please! I love cooking. I've fallen away from following my food blogs so religiously. I was cooking a new something or two every week. I'd really like to get back on board, learn some new recipes and start building my own cookbook of favorites.

4. Shopping - Less... Way less. I have a terrible problem buying things I love (mostly clothes) then never using them. I have a closet that has thrown up all over my guest bedroom. My initial goal is to not by a single new thing in January.

5. Home Improvements - We started remodeling our 30 year old house in June 2008. We have a huge list of projects we have had the pleasure of crossing off thus far, but it's been a good year since we've done anything else. I promise you, we have things to be done still. The garage has interior doors and trim that are taking the place of a car. I'm hoping to become more dedicated to the rest of my improvements, and plan to document my before and after progress.

As mentioned in point #1, I still have 2 days to hammer out the details, but I'll further document over the next week exactly what my plan is for each of my 5 goals for 2010. I'm hoping to continue being a simple girl, but changing myself for the better every day.