Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nursery Inspiration

I was asked to share pictures of little man's nursery. I'm so sad to say that we won't be finishing his nursery until after he arrives. We are currently working opposite schedules and it's hard to get everything finished around here that needs to be done prior to his arrival. Since he'll be rooming in with us for a the first few months we decided we'd put off any serious nursery work until my maternity leave.

But all of that doesn't mean I haven' started buying things. I have a great collection of baby stuff going thus far. So I figured I'd let you all in on the things that will be going in to his room when it's time.

The white Jenny Lind crib. This was the same style crib both my sister and brother had as babies. I remember it being the most beautiful piece of furniture ever. I even had a twin Jenny Lind in my room in middle school. I loved that bed. I knew it's exactly what I wanted for my own baby one day. It was the very first baby something I bought after we found out we were expecting. I searched and searched Craigslist and found the most perfect deal. Brand new, bought only 4 months prior and never used. She sold it to me for a whopping $80 including a Pottery Barn mattress. Amazing.


The Expedit shelving unit. I got my way immediately with the crib. However, my husband has not been so agreeable to everything else. We finally agreed on utilizing the Expedit unit like in the photo above. Dresser, shelving, changing table in one. Done deal.

The Dorel Monaco Bentwood Rocker. It took a long time for us to agree on a rocker. He wanted a glider, I wanted a rocker. He wanted a regular glider, I wanted a vintage rocker. After lots of searching I finally came across this piece. It had great reviews, a mix between old and new, and it was the right price! My mother-in-law so kindly gifted this piece to us for baby's room. Thank you so much Mom!

His room will be lots of navy blue, whites and grays. We knew navy blue was our color well before I was even pregnant. I'm not color biased. If I'd been having a girl, it still would have been blue. His room will carry a a light theme of classic nautical. Old maps and ships will be added in to the decor. Along with his giraffe collection. Mommy's favorite animal has been the giraffe since she was little and she was nice enough to make sure he has plenty of stuffed giraffes to cuddle.

Like I mentioned before, until his room is completed he will room in with us. He has a faboulous vintage cradle I'm in the process of finishing up - it needs to be painted and reworked for safety - that will be downstairs with us, along with his dresser and rocker. We'll move it all upstairs when we're ready to set him out on his own :) Getting closer every day and I couldn't be more excited!

Monday, July 4, 2011

28 Weeks! It's a busy one.

Hello gratuitous bathroom shot of my pregnant belly. 28 weeks has been a really fun one so far. I hit 28 weeks on July 1st, turned 28 years old on July 3rd and today celebrated Independence Day with my extended family. I haven't been to our family 4th in years! It comes with my line of work, sadly.

Not a ton has changed pregnancy wise except getting bigger. Baby boy is a mover and a shaker. He has the ability to contort my belly now based on how he chooses to hang out in there. He's not shy to spread out from side to side, making my belly look like a football and causing some serious hip pain. But I still love him.

I've been becoming increasingly more stressed about my age the older I get. I tried my hardest to embrace my 28th birthday with open arms and it was rather successful. I feel like this will be my greatest year yet. I spent a wonderful sunny day out with my mom, sister, aunt and cousin. We went shoe shopping and treated ourselves to manicures. We followed up with lunch at my favorite cafe in Coupeville and Coupecakes from the cupcake shop. It was super fun.

This coming weekend we head back to Winthrop for our last trip sans baby. We stayed in an adorable cabin there last year and decided it was too great not to go back. 3 nights just the hubby and I out in the warm Eastern Washington woods and weather. Can't wait!

Hope everyone had a safe and fabulous 4th!