Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear Younger Self,

I was studying my changing pregnant body in the mirror recently and noticed a few things have changed. And I don't mean stretch marks or varicose veins. They were things my younger self chose to add. I began drafting a letter in my head;

Dearest 18 Year Old Cassie,

Do you remember when you got your belly button pierced? I do. Do you remember you thought you might have it forever, but if you ever chose to take it out, you were sure it'd close completely. It didn't.

And do you remember that tattoo you put on your hip when you were 19? I do, I see it daily. Do you remember you were pretty sure with the placement, that it probably wouldn't stretch IF you ever got pregnant? Mostly because you were sure you most likely would NEVER have children? Oh, it's stretching. Take a wild guess why. You're pregnant! And both are on the verge of looking a complete mess.

Thought I'd let you know you were wrong. Just sayin'.

27 year old (and much more mature) Cassie

My letter sounds bitter, but it's not. It's actually rather humorous when I say it out loud. I can't believe I chose to be so naive. But we all live and learn, right? I wouldn't change what I did then one bit. I wouldn't be who I am now and I'm a pretty darn happy person. One day my kids will face these decisions and just maybe they'll chose more wisely than I did. Or maybe not, and that's ok too.


Kate said...

The only stretch mark I have from my pregnancy with Annika (and so far in this pregnancy) is where the scar from where my belly button was pierced is. Ugh! So mad at my 18-year-old self for that one!

And neither of my tattoos are in a spot where they've stretched, but I still totally regret getting them and would love to have them removed!

If only hindsight were foresight...

Jessi said...

oh to be 18 again :)