Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The new neighbors upstairs.

Anyone who knows me in person would look at me strangely if I told them I had new neighbors upstairs.

On the back side of our house, the mesh screen that covers the attic vent has long fallen off. Probably in one of our many wind storms since that seems to be the side of the house the wind likes to blow from best. Last year we heard birds in the ceiling above our bedroom. They often scratched and pecked and made all sort of ruckus. We'd just pound on the ceiling and they'd be done. No biggie, right? We kept saying we'd cover that hole with new mesh when they seemed to have left for the winter but never got around to it.

Yesterday I realized that we have new neighbors. I picture them like the cuties in the nest above. They're whiny. They chirp, chirp, chirp all the time. Where are their parents? I feel like I should be calling bird protective services or something. As cute as I imagine them, I sure hope they learn to fly soon and take off from my attic. That way we can patch the hole and be done with upstairs neighbors for good.

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