Monday, January 2, 2012

You say goodbye, I say hello

2011 was a whirlwind. I've made pretty lofty goals for myself the last two years, none of which I've followed through. This year I have goals I'm hopeful to see through, but they're much more manageable.

1. Take care of yourself!
We all make health and fitness goals, and really, how often do we actually accomplish them? No goal this time. Just a promise to do things that make us healthier, happier people. Be more active. Eat more vegetables. Eat more meals at home.

2. Family is forever!
Now that I'm back to work, I miss Ryan like crazy and I sure see Jim less. With 12 hour shifts, I don't get a lot of you're with either of them. It's time to start making it count! Male the best out of the 30 minutes of family time we get on those days and continue to show Ryan how much we love him.

3. Money matters!
I sure love to shop, no secret there. But this year I want to be more mindful with our money. Less spending and more saving. Instead of buying lots of little things we might not need, save money for the big things we will use for a long time. Meal plan and grocery shop more wisely. Stop buying beauty products I won't use consistently.

4. Finish a half marathon!
This is the only "lofty" goal I have this year. I want to lose my baby weight so badly, I'd do just about anything to get it. I registered for a half marathon with a fellow mom of mine and I'm going to complete that thing even if she has to drag me across the finish line. I was training for one in 2010 and never showed up on race day. I'm not making a big training plan or a time to finish the race in, I just want to finish.

Those are my goals for the year! Hope you'll help keep me accountable and maybe even share your goals with me. Inspire me!


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