Wednesday, August 4, 2010

26. Strawberry Crumb Cake

This was way too easy.

It all started back on June 23rd. This was the day I threw a surprise party for my BFF/co-worker. I made him (yes, him) cupcakes for his birthday. The cupcakes that changed my life.

From that day forward I've had a terrible sugar craving. I was making cupcakes weekly and eating them by the dozen. My waistline isn't happy, and now I'm sure I'll need rehab if I so choose to give up the large quantities of sugar I've been consuming.

This day I needed something sweet. IMMEDIATELY. Thank you love of my life, PW, for this recipe that day. I had everything but blueberries, so I just used the strawberries in the fridge.

No step by step pictures, I got called in for an OT shift so I was in a hurry. I did take a picture of the finished product before we made our way through that pan of crumb cake (in 24 hours). Yikes.

Make and enjoy! Happy Wednesday!


Care said...

ohh delicious! so i take it your blog is going down the cooking blog route? i like it, because I learn something new each post!

Leah said...

Oh this looks so so yummy! I must make some asap!
You and I share the same love for sweets I think!