Friday, July 30, 2010

I could stay in all day.

This kitchen is so dreamy. Makes me want to just stay in and cook all day. There's nothing more fun for me in the winter than to stay in a day every weekend and try a few new recipes. As much as I'm loving summer, I look forward to the comfort food of winter and the holidays every year.

Who wants to come help me refinish me cabinets? :)


Kate said...

My kitchen could do with a makeover too...I'll help you if you help me? ;)

Are you seriously thinking of doing a kitchen reno? How goes the master bedroom?

Jules said...

thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today! i appreciate it :) and good luck with painting your cabinets!!! (if that's what you're really planning on doing!)

Leah said...

No me, no me! My kitchen needs help!!!

I agree fall and winter are my fave, everythings better cozier!

Still need to make my cupcakes, I hate baking in the summer!!