Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life in random order.

I've made a new habit of leaving the stove on. I'm not sure why, but apparently I'm just so dang excited to eat my oatmeal, it's just not important to turn off the burner.

I never loved eggs any other way than scrambled, that is until I got my new Circulon cookware set a few months ago. It was life changing and I eat eggs over easy almost as often as cupcakes.

Speaking of cupcakes, my husband has banned me from making them. I was told I've eaten more cupcakes in the last month than the average person consumes in a whole year. Guess what? I managed to make another batch. Why? Because a friend was coming for dinner and I made them for him. But I still managed to eat 4 cupcakes in the last 12 hours, including one for breakfast this morning at 7:15. I need an intervention.

I think if iPhones ever went away, I'd die. I've had my iPhone for 3 years and I'm pretty sure there is no phone better. And let me tell you, I loved my Sidekick 3. I'm currently streaming Pandora on my phone. How wonderful is that? Pretty damn wonderful.

Everyone around me is having babies. It's quite exciting. I've found far too many baby projects to know where to start. I've already spoiled baby Olivia to death and she's only 8 weeks old. A close friend is expecting her first early next year and I've already got a package in the mail congratulating her. And to top it all off, I'll be an aunt for the very first time! Husband's brother and wife are expecting their first child together. He'll be a very happy daddy to a new baby, and she'll be a second time mom after 12 years. I really need to get my sewing machine in for maintenance so I can get to sewing baby blankets!

My spaghetti last night was amazing. I'm now in the works of estimating exactly how much of each herb and spice I put in to the pot since I didn't exactly measure. Same with the bleu cheese meatballs. I still can't thank the Issaquah Brewhouse enough for their tasty menu selection they offered for me to knock off at home.

Master bedroom work is slow. We have so many projects to get done down there, it's hard to know where to start. Can't put the trim up on the beadboard until the trim is installed in the rest of the room. That requires interior doors, which requires replacing the floors in the laundry and bathroom, which requires paint and prior to that, tear out. Sounds like I just solved my problem. Tear out is next. Or I could just get back to tediously taping off those stripes in the closet. Ummmm?

A few months ago we started building end tables for the living room. We have one fully put together and headed out to the garage to get work done yesterday. Instead of building another, we just stained the one we had. It's beautiful and I'm in love. When it gets a little later in the day and I won't be waking my neighbors with a sander, I'll get out to get the last sanding done and put on the poly. I'm only 24 hours away from my new table gracing my living room!

My kitchen is begging to be cleaned as I sit at the bar and type away on this computer. As much as I'd love to do it, I really don't want to. The stand off begins.

And with that, I'm off to catch up on my blogs. Hope everyone has a great day!

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Leah said...

lol it cracks me up how many cupcakes you eat! As they say "let them eat cake"!!! Now you have got me really wanting to make some!

So excited for your house updates show us soon!!!