Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Livestrong Seattle: Better late than never

I celebrated the best Father's Day EVER this year.

I encouraged my dad to run with me, like I did my mom back in April. That man is one motivated champ! I am so proud of him. We registered, and we ran.

I worked the night before, and thanks to two very kind coworkers, with trading a few hours around they allowed me to get off early. I came home, pulled my clothes out of the dryer, got sucked in to an episode of Law & Order, then made the 45 minute drive to my parent's place.

Dad was so sweet, he even made sure the guest room (my old bedroom) was ready for me to get a little sleep. I got in 4 hours before our run. It was great.

We were up bright and early, he got a pot of coffee going and we headed out the door. After forgetting a wallet and not realizing until we were already 15 minutes from the house and me giving really bad directions to our chosen parking garage, we still made it down early.

Lined up at the start.

Getting in a before picture.

I ran with my phone in hand, it was the only camera we had. Dad had a ton of fun taking pictures while we were running.

We're on the move!

Dad mastered running backwards for this one :)

He's smiling, even up hill!

That's the finish! And I'm sure when I look up the pro photos from the event, he'll have me playing on my phone. Rad.

Happy Father's Day in chalk. So cute. We're waiting for my coworker and her dad.

There they are! He's a 3x cancer survivor and the happiest man you'll ever meet.

Here's our after picture. I'm so proud of him.

My run was in honor of Cindy. She's the sister of husband's coworker and close friend. He's one of those men that just shouldn't be single. He's much too wonderful for that, and I like to spoil him with home cooked meals until the right girl (that I approve of) comes along. With the exception of his only daughter, his sister Cindy is of top importance in his life. He loves her to the moon and back. Cindy has a rare form of brain cancer at a young age. Much too young for me to comprehend. She's a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother & friend. I'm so thankful that in spite of her cancer, Cindy has been living her life to the fullest. I hope she has many long days ahead of her, because I know life wouldn't be the same without her.

After our run we enjoyed breakfast, a little shopping for Livestrong attire and on our drive home we stopped at the Nike outlet to pick up a sensor for Dad. We went home to meet my sister, brother and brother's girlfriend for a little barbecue on a rainy day. We had the best chili dogs EVER.

Thanks Dad for the best Father's Day to date. You  know my life wouldn't be the same without you. I've got an interesting story to my life, but it turns out to be the best story because I have YOU.

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Care said...

That is AWESOME!! Congrats! I have been meaning to check up on your running posts. I wish I could run with my Dad (he lives in TX). I bet that was such a great moment!