Thursday, July 15, 2010

When your husband sleeps in, sneak out and go shopping.

I had a great morning out at the thrift store and came home with a few awesome treasures. When it came to housewares, they definitely had a good selection.

These cuties were $1.99 each. They've already been primed and have the first coat of white paint on them. I'm thinking of using them in my downstairs bath.

I picked up this solid wood frame with the intention of gifting it, but after sanding it I fell in love. I think I might keep it for myself.

These little trays are great and $.69 each. I bought them to turn in to a set of chalk boards for the kitchen.

I found this mirror hiding behind a desk. It was marked $9.99 and I'm sure once graced the top of a dresser. It has beautiful detailing, a little bit of a work look and swivels (though the metal needs a little work for a smooth ride). I plan to pair it with my vanity for the bedroom.

I got two projects done this weekend that I'll share later in the week. The trays are already chalkboards and hung (in a temporary spot I think), and I also finished the first end table for the living room (finally). Built from scratch and stained by me in the driveway!

I hope everyone is having a great week!

(P.S. Please excuse the formatting. I posted this from my iPhone last night through the blogger app, and it puts in unattractive line breaks where I'd rather them not be!)


Leah said...

Oh love the trays! You can use them for so many things! Love!

Care said...

wow, you got some great stuff!! love that frame!

Mrs. D said...

Turning the trays into chalkboards is genius! Can't wait to see how they look!

Jamie said...

What fantastic finds and projects! I love the chalkboard trays! I might steal that idea :)

Kate said...

Great finds! Can't wait to see your finished projects!

malia said...

hi cassie,
yes i live in seattle...
sweet blog you've got here!