Saturday, December 18, 2010

catching up.

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December is absolutely the busiest month of my entire year, every year. I really wish it was the opposite so I could sit back and really enjoy the holiday season. I've just realized Christmas is in a week and I'm not nearly finished with my shopping. Good heavens.

On top of being busy, I've been sick. TWICE. I usually get sick every November with my typical illness that causes me to lose my voice and I get an impromptu vacation from work for 10 days. This year I didn't lose my voice, but I've been struck by death TWICE in the last month. I've been out of work two days in November and December. I'm on the upswing today, but my head hurts and I'm still super congested. A coworker's grandfather has just passed away and I absolutely hate creating overtime for the other shift and I'm going to try my best to get in and work tonight so she has the chance to be with her family.

Sunday is my craft fair! I couldn't be more excited! We ended up being scheduled for the wrong week and only get to take part in the fair on tomorrow, but I sure hope it's a success! On Wednesday I finished up the last of my projects and attached cute little DIY price tags to every thing (tutorial to come on the tags, so cute!). I have a few tags left to attach to a few of my items and I have tons of cute things for setting up the table. I'm excited to take pictures and share in the experience. I'm not sure if I'll keep doing craft fairs, but I've already had a great interest in custom orders and have filled quite a few already for Christmas. I'm learning a lot about my creative side and what fuels me. Thrilling I tell you!

As this next week will be busy for all of us, I wanted to wish all of my blog friends a very Merry Christmas! You all mean the world to me and I truly cherish the connections I've made on here. I'm looking forward to another fulfilling year of blogging with the people I've grown to "know" so well :)

Lots of love!

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Francis said...

Merry Christmas!! Hope you feel better soon!