Sunday, January 9, 2011

5 for 2011


These are my objectives for the year. I want to become a better person and enrich my life.

Eat vegan all day, one day a week. And then two and three and... My intention is quite the opposite of why most people eat vegan. I'll be the first to admit I love meat. I have on the other hand mentioned my dairy allergy. Vegan recipes are amazing. No dairy! If eating vegan wasn't good, vegans wouldn't exist. I need less dairy and more vegetables in my life. Incorporating vegan recipes will do just that.

Choose happiness. It's a choice. It truly is. I've lived so much of my life anxious, stressed and just plan angry. Why in the world did I waste so much time on all of that. I'm going to make a concious decision to choose happiness each and every day when I wake up.

Enjoy our boat more. We live in a beautiful place. We need to use what we have around us, because one day we might not live here anymore. We need to get out on that boat and explore the Puget Sound.

Quality over quantity. I think everyone likes to have friends. Lots of them. But I don't want a bunch of people to hang out with, I want a few people who I can spend time with. Share life with. Confide in. I want meaningful and lasting adult friendships. Whether that's in a coworker, a long time friend or even a family member. I want to be the best friend I can be to those who want the same thing.

Cherish my husband. I often neglect all of the wonderful things my husband does for us on a daily basis. He works hard and makes life pretty damn good. I want to take the time in our busy life, to spend quality time with him and truly thank him for all of the wonderful things he's done for us.

I'm very excited about this year. They just keep getting better and better. Good luck to everyone with their resolutions. I'm looking to sharing 2011 with all of you.

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