Friday, March 11, 2011

12 Weeks

I'm 12 weeks today! It's funny to look at my little calendar and see I have 28 weeks left. When it first said 35 it seemed like I'd never get in to the 20's. The time moves a lot faster than I think it does.

I'd like to count my blessings thus far, I feel like pregnancy has taken it pretty easy on me. I've been tired a lot. I used to sleep for the fun of it, because I liked being lazy. Now I sleep because I'm crazy tired, yet I never get a good solid sleep in because I'm up to use the bathroom way too often. The perks.

Morning sickness has been minimal. I've had my bouts with crazy nausea but nothing that lasted all day. I've had my food aversions and those are sticking. The nausea pretty much went away between weeks 9 and 11, but have returned within the last two days. Things I don't like? The smell of garlic, coffee and bananas. I also found out last night I don't like the smell of pasta and tomato sauce. I also don't at all like the way chicken tastes. All things I had no problem with in December. It's so weird how it works. I dry heaved in to my napkin last night at dinner when I was trying to put my leftovers in to the box. Gross pasta and chicken.

If something doesn't sound good, I just don't eat it. I think that's why I've avoided feeling gross over the last two weeks. I've been craving pizza, sushi (California rolls), fruit smoothies and Mexican food. I've always been obsessed with sushi and Mexican, and I've liked pizza and smoothies, I just really like them now.

No weight gain so far, and my next appointment is on March 17th. Looking forward to the progress and seeing if they say anything about my lack of weight gain ;) I mean, I'm clearly eating!

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Mrs. D said...

Congratulations! I'm glad that pregnancy is treating you well so far!