Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bump beginnings.

I've always had a little bit of a "pooch". I'm one of those rather thin gals, but have never had a great flat stomach.

I was at my heaviest in at least 5 years when I found out I was expecting our new little one. Lame. I shouldn't have gotten so lazy and slacked off on my running.

For a newly pregnant gal, it's always too soon to be showing. You hear, "Most first timers don't show till at LEAST six months". Cool. So that means I'll be rather thin until then, right? So if I look at all pregnant before then, it's just because I'm "fat" right? Eating too much? Something, I'm sure.

But when you're outside chatting it up with the neighbor, you turn to the side to point at the apple tree (the one that's grown in to his evergreen, the apple tree that loves to share it's caterpillar infestation every summer) to let him know you need a huge ladder to cut that darn thing back, and he excitedly asks you if you have news... I guess you might be showing a bit already.

"That stance you had there for a minute when you were pointing at the tree, totally let on that you might have some news"!

I guess when you're asked if there's anything new, you should tell them you're pregnant. Ha! It's the beginning of the bump, folks. Though I'm only 14 weeks and still a bit in denial, he sure made me smile today.

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Kate said...

Oh come on, no picture?!?!

Let's see the bump! :)