Saturday, March 26, 2011

Etsy Love: the Greedy Seagul

I've been enjoying looking through vintage clothing on Etsy for summer ideas. I don't love a lot of the maternity looks I've come across (with the exception of Asos Maternity), and I've been trying to find pieces that could be worn while I'm huge during the warm months, but also after the baby arrives. I'd rather not buy clothes for a short time. Most of the clothes that I currently wear or buy are things I keep for a long time.

I think this would be great for a night out with a contrasting slip dress underneath.

I don't know why I'm so drawn to the "nightgown" look. I love the sheer, flowy fabric. This would be fabulous with a white slip dress underneath. Even altering the length might be a consideration.

I love empire waists. Lots of belly room before and after. Especially after, for someone like me who is already a little belly concious anyway.

Ahh! Love. How great would this be with a wide belt around the waist.

These would be too cute with the floral dresses.

Or these adorable boots. These would look so great with my skinnies.

I don't wear a ton of jewelry, it's got to be just the right piece that I'll want to wear all the time. This is one of those pieces.

Even if you're not preggers, check out the Greedy Seagul. They have tons of wiggle and sheath dresses I'm not remotely capable of wearing anytime this year and someone should give them a home! I hope you love their vintage selection as much as I do.

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