Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blogging BFF's

I mentioned sending gifts to my dearest blog friend, Ashley from The Thing About Daisies last week. I was so excited putting the package together, I didn't snap any photos for myself.

However! Ashley snapped a few of her own to share on her blog and I can't tell you how dang excited I was to see the stuff in her home. So fun to know that just a few weeks ago I was putting it all together by hand and here they are gracing her home!

I sent a few glossy black refurbished candlesticks, just like my white ones I made earlier in the summer. I ended up liking the black much better so she's lucky I still sent them!

Here are my handmade cozies and the scarf I put together for her. If only she knew that I crocheted and tore out this scarf twice before I got the final product done. It had to be perfect! The little notpads came from my stash in my bill drawer. I have a thing for notepads on Etsy.

Like Ashley mentions in her post, we are truly blogging BFF's. She's fun, sweet and inspirational. She's absolutely worth following and I sure hope you'll give her a visit!