Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I've turned in to an old lady.

My husband said something the other day to a friend of ours, something along the lines of 'married a good looking girl almost 10 years younger than myself... she wants a hobby... and takes up crocheting'.

I've turned in to an old lady.

I have to admit, we find this really humorous. It was something my grandmother taught me as a child. My mom-in-law helped me revive the skill last year over our Thanksgiving visit and here I am a year later, picking the hook back up and crocheting my head off.

I've decided to venture in to the  possibility of a mini side business and a coworker jumped on board. we've been crocheting like crazy getting ready for our first craft fair in December. Today we're headed off island to search for more inspiration.

Not that I need more inspiration. You should see how many skeins of yarn I managed to collect over the last month. Makes for a lot of adorable things I can't wait to share :)


Kate said...

Oh man, Cassie, I can totally relate to this!

Leah said...

Go girl! I totally do old lady stuff too, but hey we can't all be hitting the night clubs lol. Can't wait to see your stuff!