Monday, November 8, 2010

Project Heaven!

With the craft fair nearing in about a month, I've been hard at work on my projects. The hard thing? I keep coming up with new ideas. What do I do about this? I need some sort of plan written out, don't I? I've never done this before so I'd love input.

This is literally only half the bags of yarn I've collected since September. Mind you, these are half yarn, half completed or almost completed projects. I'm running out of storage space. I need a craft room, stat!

I absolutely love these. Cotton wash cloth sets. I don't think I'll ever buy wash cloths or dishtowels again when I can make such beautiful pieces that are completely functional.

Coffee cozies have been a HUGE hit at work. I've already sold my first cozy, which I was totally excited about, and I have a ton of these to put together still. I even sent a few to Ashley in her gift box last week.

I couldn't find my "demo" cup from Starbucks I'd kept, so I slipped it on my travel mug for the picture. When I went to Portland for sis-in-laws baby shower, my mom and I used our cozies on our Starbucks cups throughout our trip. People stared. I'll take that as a compliment!

This all started with the dream to have a baby blanket making business. If you really just try saying that on a whim, it usually comes out baby making business... Yikes. They're beautiful, plush and soft. My sis-in-law loved hers.

Yellow! So cute! I really hope these find good homes. Should I make a few more blankets? Or would the smaller stuff be a better eye catcher? I'm not sure.

Scarves galore. I found a killer pattern for neck warmers (on the left). Just trying to find the perfect buttons to adorn them. And the ruffled scarf (on the right). Oh my. I also sent one of these to Ashley in her gift box, but her's is way cuter than this one!

I would absolutely love feedback on what works, what doesn't work for these things. I'm new to the world of craft fairs and selling handy work.

Today is a house day. We've got a garage to clean out and organize. Looking forward to a full day of work and a nice relaxing evening to work on my projects. Wish me luck!

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TheThingAboutDaisies said...

I can't really say what works and what doesn't at craft fairs, as I have never sold anything at one. What I can say, as a buyer is...displays. If you have your goods displayed well I am far more likely to stop and look at your booth.

Also, you will quickly get a feel for what sells and what doesn't, which will be a great learning tool for other fairs. Also...look at the other booths, especially ones that might be doing something similar to you.

Last...THANK YOU! I love all of my knitted stuff. It's just getting cold enough here, so I am going to be able to break out the scarf soon. Plus I love that I will never have to use one of those cardboard cup holders from Starbucks ever again!

Kate said...

I have no craft fair experience, but I just wanted to tell you how beautiful it all looks!

I especially love the wash cloths! I remember I used to have some similar ones and they worked so well! They really are scrubby!

Good luck at your craft sale - I'm sure you'll sell and learn a lot.

Simplegirl said...

Hi so nice to meet you. I love your projects, I love crochet, it's one of my favorite things to do. I hope that you have a great turn out on the fair. I do agree that in a fair what catches the eye is displays. Make it interesting and full, lots of items is what people like to see. Also if you have banners of some sort, pretty ones hang it up, make your space stand out, colors! I've been to several and I know another seller who had her second, with more items and eye catching banners, she had a good turn out.