Monday, March 8, 2010

5k! Here we come!

A year ago this month I started running. I didn't have any hobbies (that I thought were hobbies anyway), and wanted to do something that had a purpose. I decided I wanted to run as long as I could without stopping. Ok, no - that doesn't have a purpose, but at least I was doing something.

I did well to run most of the year and even completed a 10k. Then I slacked off. For months. And I'm still slacking. Now, if you've read back to the beginning and about my objectives for the year, you'd know running was one of them. Mark that as a royal fail so far this year. FAIL.

I randomly came across a new race in my area on April 24th. It's a 5k, so that's nothing I can't accomplish with the tiniest bit of conditioning. The best part was, the race supports an awesome cause! I was doing the happy dance knowing I could be a part of something so cool. Even if no one else noticed my contribution, it makes me feel good inside. So I committed.

I'll be participating in the Fun with the Fuzz 5k. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Behind the Badge Foundation.  The mission of the Behind the Badge Foundation is to honor the sacrifices of officers who have suffered a line of duty death or catastrophic injury. Memorial services are put on by the Behind the Badge Foundation, as taxpayer money can not be used to facilitate these large services. Our law enforcement community is closely woven, and the links to one another can stretch forever. It would be more comforting to know if their foundation ever found a reason to help me, that I knew I had once helped other families by supporting them financially.

The part of this race I'm the most exicted about is that my mother is going to run it with me. This will be her first race ever and I'm so happy for her! She's been working hard on her training program to get ready for race day and I trust she'll give me a run for my money. My mother has struggled with weight issues throughout her adult life, but now lives a healthy, active life at a healthy weight. Even with a previous leg injury, I know she'll be successful at this race.

My mom and I at a family wedding in April 2007

She's been using the Couch to 5k Running Program and has positive things to say about it. She's just started her fourth week of training. I love how she sends me a text to update me on her progress. I'm so proud of her every time I get one of her messages. It's very motivating and inspiring to know in just 9 weeks she'll be ready to run with me. She found their online resource all on her own, and has downloaded their C25k App to her iPhone. The app has really helped her with her interval training.

My mom and I will start training one or two days a week together next weekend. I'm really excited to see the skill she's gained and spend a little one on one time with her. This is a big thing for us, and I'm excited about the special memory we'll get to keep. 5k here we come!


Care said...

That's awesome!! Have fun running! You should come down to my part of town and run the Tacoma-Narrows half marathon in the summer. You can walk it too (I will probably do 1/2 run 1/2 walk). I am signing up. Would love to do it with someone!

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm on my app search... do you know which c25k app she downloaded? I found a few and don't mind spending a few bucks but want to make sure I get the good one.


Cassie said...

Care, that sounds great! Way to go on choosing a half! I'll check our schedule this week at work at see if it's something that will be possible for me.

Meg, I'm not sure what app she has. I'll check with her and get back to you on that :)

Jules said...

hey there! i wish you the best of luck with this new challenge! and thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog...i appreciate it :)

xo - julie

cattyb said...


Here is the site I used to find my app I downloaded. I used the iphone app. You get the voice only and can play your own music to it. I really like that feature. Hope you find something that works for you.

cattyb said...

Sorry Meg for got to paste.