Monday, March 8, 2010

Technical difficulties

I'm beyond frustrated right now. My computer tends to not agree with me often, causing me to have no interest in using it. I've been struggling to get pictures uploaded, then transferred to my photo hosting site. I've done plenty of stuff over the last week to post, but haven't been able to access my pictures. I've had nothing but problems with my lap top since I bought it last year, and part of the reason I don't send it in on it's warranty, is because I wouldn't have a computer for an extended period of time. Not fun.

I've tried my new Yoga Meltdown dvd by Jillian Michaels. You'd think she'd make a terrible yoga instructor, but she's actual really mellow and supportive through the whole video. It was a great workout, I felt absolutely amazing. I'm looking forward to alternating it with running. I've got a 5k coming up with my Mom (her first race ever!), April 24th. She's been training for over 3 weeks now, so I should probably work on catching up.

We're half way through our weekend, and tonight we're heading to my parent's church for a new couples group. Their first meeting was last week, but we were feeling well and didn't make it. I'm hoping tonight we'll be able to catch up with what they've already gone over and I'm hoping it's something we really like. We enjoy church, but with our schedule it's so hard to make it Sundays.

I'm enjoying the sunshine right now, but only after some freak snow we had for 30 minutes this morning. It's March in Washington. It's always bound to snow. I think today is going to be our last day of sunshine for a while before some good rain over the next week, so I'll work on taking advantage of it.

Hope everyone enjoys their week! I'll hopefully have things sorted out and get my new recipes and such up soon.


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for the run in April. What are you doing Saturday? (I know you work at night) if you are up to it there is a ruining o' the green up here. I'll be doing it. I hope it doesn't mess with my spray tan. Talk soon -M

Cassie said...

I work Friday and Saturday night, but I'll check with you today when I'm up in your neck of the woods on the specifics. Might be something I'm interested in driving up for!