Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Early Morning Loves

I've been thinking a lot about prints. I have a lot of empty walls in my house. My photos I posted yesterday of our weeping cherry tree turned out so well for being taken and edited on my phone. I think they'll fill a few 3"x3" frames I picked up while thrift store shopping. I'm not sure they'd size out any larger than that and still look good anyhow.

But of course, there are many walls in the house to fill and I have had some great luck on Etsy print shopping in the past. Here's what I found this morning that I love.

{image credit ALPhotography}

{image credit ALPhotography}

{image credit irenesuchocki}

{image credit irenesuchocki}

I love beautiful dreamy pictures. I envy those who can capture the true beauty in things seen only by the naked eye and have the ability to translate that in to a photo. But as long as others can continue to develop this talent, my home will always have beautiful photographs.


MsHark said...

Wait, those pics were taken on your phone? I can't believe it! Those pics from yesterday are just so beautiful - I love your idea of putting them in a small frame.

Cassie said...

MsHark, thank you! I'm surprised a phone can turn out a decent picture myself! I've got an iPhone and took them in decent light, then used a photo editing app called Camera Bag to touch up the photos a bit.