Wednesday, March 17, 2010

they go together like peanut butter & jelly

St. Patrick's Day & red heads. Wouldn't you agree? I think so at least. Red heads & the Irish. Now that I think of it, my mom is a red head and not Irish. Weird. Does Scottish work? Moving on then.

When I hopped on the interwebs today, my MSN homepage was featuring an article called "The 12 Hottest Red Heads of All Time". I was intrigued. I have a love for red hair, as my mother is one of the most gorgeous red heads you'll ever meet. Maybe I'm biased. I wish that I had been blessed with her beautiful tresses. However, I was not. Back to the list, I can't say I loved the whole thing, but there were a few I found equally stunning.

Here are my fabulous red headed picks for our St. Patrick's Day 2010:

Emma Stone

Isn't she just beautiful? I'm not sure I'd ever seen her before watching Zombieland last weekend. She's not a read head in that film, and heaven forbid they actually died her hair the dark brown it was. How in the world do you come back from that? Regardless, I thought she was beautiful and the movie was hilarious.

Isla Fisher

I've loved her since seeing Wedding Crashers. She's just to die for. She seems down to earth and natural. Never trying to hard, she just is. And she had to have been one of the cutest pregnant girls I'd ever seen.

Rita Hayworth

Around even before movies were in color, Rita was still gorgeous. This photo took my breath away when I came across it in the article. Talk about a classic beauty, and she didn't have to fit the mold of the typical blonde.

Christina Hendricks

She's devilishly good looking, isn't she? I was intrigued to find out she's really a natural blonde, but has been coloring her hair from a young age. Well, good for you Christina, red suits you well. What a beauty.

Ashlee Simpson

Oh Ashlee, how I loved your red hair. I love changing my hair color as much as the next girl, but why? You made such a stunning red head. I felt it really suited you. I've had this hidden love of Ashlee Simpson since that tv show of her's years ago on MTV. You know, the one that was on the same time as Newlyweds? When Nick and Jessica were still together? I sure loved this, and wanted it for myself. But we all have to move on somtime, right? I'd hope at least, for my own sake.

(all celebrity photos featured above are from

And of course, my all time favorite red head:

 My Mom

Red hair, blue eyes and the tiniest thing you'll ever meet (at 4 feet 9 inches tall). She's the true definition of beauty, inside and out. She has the sweetest soul, but has a firey passion for things she believes in. I can't love this woman enough for all the things she's given up for me in her life. Her and I have a very special story and I will love her for it always. And since she also graces the photo, meet my sister! Yes, I have one and that's her. She's quite the cutey too, isn't she?

I hope you all have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day, no matter what you may be doing. If it's nothing, I find that wonderful. If it's something, that's wonderful too. I will not be doing anything, and definitely not partaking in green beer or any sort of celebration for that matter. My schedule doesn't always work out in favor of such holidays. Better luck next year!


cattyb said...

I'm glad I'm your favorite red head. How many of the others are natural red heads? Their hair seems much brighter than mine. Maybe with all the grey coming in I can have a little fun with the color?

Care said...

Well, your mom is gorgeous, as are you! I have to admit, I have a little girl crush on Isla Fisher. She is STUNNING!