Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy 100th Post: A little gift for a lucky someone!

I don't have any updates on the room. I have been feeling under the weather and haven't made any further progress. I still have three days of vacation to get through the painting. I will most definitely have pictures to update with before I head back to work on Wednesday.

On to something more fun! I was excited to find this is my 100th post! If I'm most impressed with anything, it's that I've stuck with this blog for 100 whole posts. 6 whole months, and I've made some great blog friends along the way.

I think giveaways are fun. Though I haven't been lucky enough to win one yet, it's really sweet that so many of you extend the courtesy. In honor of my 100th post, and that summer is coming in all of it's sunny glory, I'm having a giveaway for my blog friends!

I have a glass addiction. I have at least 15 different kids of glasses in my cupboard. I especially like cute summery glasses perfect for a BBQ or a glass of lemonade while basking in the sun. I found these, loved them and decided I wanted to share them with someone else.

A set of four polkadot tumblers in summer colors!

To enter just leave a comment with your favorite summer drink. That's it! I'll announce the winner on Wednesday morning, so leave those comments!

Good luck to everyone, and thank you again so much for reading. You give me a reason!


Mrs. D said...

Such cute glasses! Congrats on your 100th post, and I hope you feel better soon. My favorite summer drink is, of course, the margarita!

TheThingAboutDaisies said...

Awww yay for your 100th post! I absolutely have to have fresh brewed iced tea during the summer. It's pretty much all I drink.
Thanks for doing this fun giveaway!

cattyb said...

100 posts, that's amazing. I have to say I'm not sure I've read them all. What kind of a mother am I? Oh don't really answer that. We do want people to think we are a happy family : ). I do love those glasses. My favorite summer drink is, hmmm..... well I usually drink water because it doesn't have all the calories of all the things I really like. But I love, love raspberry lemonade.

Megan said...


Kate said...

Happy 100th post!

My favourite summer drink is ice cold beer! I missed it so much when I was pregnant last summer, but I'm making up for lost time this year!

Kayla said...

Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway! The glasses are way too adorable; I'd love them!

I am a huge lemonade drinker in the summer. But I must admit I do love a good margarita as well!

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