Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2. Simple, Hearty White Chilli

Tonight I tackled another new recipe, again courtesy of the Pioneer Woman. That being she's my favorite food blogger, and that she happened to post two very good recipes within a week or so time.

Actually, I can't remember quite when she posted the macaroni bit, but my husband aparently remembered and had continued to bother me about it. Hence it being made yesterday.

This white chili was much more time consuming than my regular recipe, and tasted very different. It was thicker, and the taste was much more simple. Weird.

This recipe had a few less ingredients than what I normally use, but the biggest difference was the masa flour used at the end as the thickening agent. I've never used masa flour, but I'm glad I made the effort to buy it this time around. The taste is incredible, and it offers a more authentic flavor than an all purpose flour does. With masa flour I will have the oportunity to make my own corn tortillas and venture down the road of tamale making.

(Now I understand I suck at "food photography" but I'll blame half of it on the fact that I'm using my iPhone, rather than making an effort to find my camera. At least I took pictures)

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