Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Truly & Honestly (Weeks 2 & 3)

I avoided this post last week. Why you might ask? You know why. You know darn well I'm FAILING at life. Ok, not life. Just a few of my resolutions. Or all of them... or, nevermind.

I haven't worked out in the last two weeks. Or even run. I feel like a bad person. I wish I could say I'm trying, but I'm not. I allow mental defeat to take a hold of me. I'm tired, you hear? I can't be tired or lazy anymore. It's just not healthy. I'm continuing to eat better and I'm cooking on point but my body is suffering from lethargy. I've prepared myself for a great week of eating well, and hope to pump out a few workouts. It's going to take a few before I get back in the habit. Most of all, I'm not helping support  my husband. He has a very important physical to take March 16th and really needs to be on his game. Me sitting around isn't helping.

My cooking and cleaning are on point. I still hate laundry, and am struggling on getting caught up. But it seems like it's coming together. I've gotten my shopping habit under control. I've spent a total of $8 this month, and that was on a tank I really wanted. I haven't even bought myself Starbucks this month. And the two times I had a coffee it was bought for me.

I've got great renovation ideas running through my head right now. It's great because we're gearing up to start a project next weekend. I'm excited to create a "master suite" in our daylight basement. I love the challenge.

Here's to motivation and success in week 4!

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