Sunday, January 3, 2010

Resolution Objective #1

I don't think there is a single person who doesn't top their resolution list with some sort of health & fitness goal (if you say you don't, I secretly don't believe you). Our reasons stretch across the board. You've slacked for months, or even years. Or maybe you're a hard core athlete looking to increase your work load. We're all looking to make a change.

I'll admit, I don't love to exercise. I don't get the hype. Though I'm slightly competitive (slightly?), I've never been one to participate in sports. I'll also admit I'm a little vain. I like to keep a nice appearance, and I like to have a relatively good looking body. This is where good diet and exercise comes in to play given my body chemistry doesn't set me up for doing nothing and still looking amazing.

Last year, my resolution was to find a hobby. I literally had none. Couldn't say I was an avid reader, I just wasn't. Couldn't say I collected something, because I didn't. When people asked me, "What do you like to do?", I honestly didn't have an answer. And even though I don't love to exercise, I came to this choice: RUNNING. Weird, right? I thought so (but I'm also a firm believer that I'm just plain strange). I decided that I would take up running as a hobby. But not just running, to run as far as I could without stopping. There was no reason behind it but stamina and distance. And instead of choosing to run for the health benefits, I just decided that if it happened to better my physical appearance and made me healthier, that would be a welcomed bonus.

To my surprise, I LOVE RUNNING. I absolutely love it. I like the challenge and the daily accomplishment. When I tell people I run, I get really positive responses. I'm sad I didn't commit to it when I went to day shift in September, even though it would have required me to run alone half the week. So in the spirit of resolutions, my number one goal of the year is to run again. I discussed with some friends what they thought a reasonable goal would be. They felt I should make a series of smaller goals that might be more attainable and more gratifying. With that said, I've incorporated short term and long term goals.

For 2010 I want to run 520 miles. That's 10 miles per week. However, for a shorter term goal, something I can find personal accomplishment in on a weekly basis, I want to run 15 miles per week. I can run it in as many or as few days a week as I choose, just so long as I run 15 miles. And if I don't, I wont succeed that week, but it still leaves me on track to meet my goal for the year. It may seem like a small number for seasoned runners, but given I've only been at it a year (and not even that with a 4 month break), I think it's admirable and I'm excited to get my feet back on the pavement.

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