Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Review: Week 1

I've officially finished my first full week of night shift, a full 7 days. I was so thankful my first week back was only a 3 day week. It made the adjustment a lot easier. Here I am wide awake at 5:15am, which is exactly what I want before I go back to work tonight. I'm pretty excited about maintaining a decent night schedule over my weekend even with my 11:00am dentist appointment thrown in on Monday morning.

I've decided to review my weeks progress based on my objectives for the year. I'm not succeeding in every area, but I'm getting better at managing it all. I thought back to the simpler days of when I was able to finish everthing with ease. I didn't work 12 hours days then. I worked 6-9 hours, which left a lot of room for a lot of things to be accomplished. That's when 2 day weekends worked. Not so much anymore.

  • Running- I've run once in the last week. I posted how wonderful and enjoyable it was but I only managed to get in one day. It's not that I didn't have time, it's that I just had no motivation. I was sore, and I absolutely hate being so sore it hurts to sit and stand. The chairs I sit in at work for 12 hours are the least comfortable chair you can imagine and I was just feeling really stubborn. I think I let my husband down even though he wont admit it. He's my biggest fan and expresses he just wants me to be happy and he knows the joy running brings me if I don't let my mental block get in the way. Here's to a better week starting this morning.
  • Cleaning- I'm rocking the chore chart, as well as picking up after myself. We're hitting the items on the list together daily and it's keeping the house picked up and comfortable. We had a last minute guest over the weekend and besides picking up what part of my closet exploded on to the spare bed, we were ready for company. I've been cleaning as I cook and making sure the dishwasher stays unloaded so we always have a place to put our dishes. I cooked a new chili recipe last night and my husband sat at the bar in the kitchen and kept me company and loaded the dishwasher for me after we were done eating. It was a date night right in our own kitchen. I loved it.
  • Cooking- This has been the easiest part of my list this year. I'm learning at least 2 new recipes a week, and I love it. When people want to be fed, they encourage you learning new things. I still have one more new recipe I hope to crank out today before I get to bed for work. It's an amazing looking beef and cranberry stew I can't wait to try. It's going to make a great lunch for work this week. We'll do a little shopping for our healthy lunch items this morning, and I'll bake up chicken breast, veggies and pasta for our work week. We both have 4 days ahead of us and we'll need good healthy food to fuel our bodies for running.
  • Shopping- Though I haven't dedicated objective posts to #4 & 5 as of yet, I am succeeding in the no shopping area. I've only spent money on essentials like bills and groceries. One of my points was to buy less Starbucks. WAY less. It's really a waste to be buying coffee once a day. I've opted to buy coffee once a week, and I've done exactly that.
  • Home Improvements- Nothing to report as of yet. We've still got a lot of organization to do before we can start venturing down that road. Nothing we're in a huge hurry to start, as we're waiting to be ready to file our tax return to see what kind of projects we'll be able to tackle.
I'm not nailing all my points, but I'm doing better than I was this time last year and to me, that's what matters. I'm still striving to be an organized and successful adult and I feel I'm making great progress.

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