Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3. Kayotic Hotdog Rolls

It's really been 6 days since my last post? Where does time go? In the last 6 days I've made two new recipes, with two more on my list to be completed today (at a time that is not 4:45am). I've got to have something for dinner, and I love the left overs for lunch.

This recipe was seen by my husband and was required to be a must-have as soon as humanly possible. We agreed I'd make them this weekend, and lucky for him a buddy of his came over and they drank beer, played Xbox and munched on hotdog rolls. They loved them much more than I. And I'm beginning to notice a trend. Those things in which I like, are perhaps a little better for you than the things he likes. I'm just throwing that out there.

I don't have a picture this time around, they weren't pretty. I tweaked the recipe to fit both an American grocery store (this blogger is from the Netherlands) and to be a bit cheaper. I wasn't about to break the bank on these dang hotdog rolls.

Kayotic Hotdog Rolls

The recipe called for puff pastry sheets. 6 of them. At $5 for a box of 2, we chose to use Pillsbury pizza dough in those great little cans that pop open. I also didn't brush them with the beaten egg before popping them in the oven. It was a great recipe. They were tasty, if done right they could be pretty cool looking when they come out of the oven. It was an awful lot of hotdog, bacon and cheese for me, but if I tried them with little smokies for Super Bowl Sunday? Sure, I think they'd be a big hit. At least it kept me busy in the kitchen and that's all that matters.

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