Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolution Objective #3

Cooking is my ultimate hobby. Like mentioned previously, I didn't really feel like I had a hobby to be named. But I will say this one truly makes me happy. I can stand in the kitchen and just cook for hours. I'm completely content. You'd be surprised to know that I only own two cook books. Both of which are new to me within the last year. Many of my signature dishes are those that I've created on my own or adapted from things I watched my mother cook as a child.

I follow quite a few cooking blogs, and a lot of the new recipes I began making mid-2008 are all courtesy of the interwebs. I've yet to come across one that I was truly disappointed in after making it. I've also hosted many dinner parties off of recipes I've found on my beloved blogs, that have been great successes.

In the spirit of my 2010 objectives, I've chosen to add cooking to the list. I want to make cooking more of a priority for a few reasons.
-First, to save money. We love to eat, and we love to eat out. But I've found lately that everything I have, I've probably already cooked at home. I'm disappointed in the dish, and generally comment that I could do better on my own.
-Second (which I've kind of already touched on), I'm a great cook. I'm not trying to ring my own bell here, but as a young girl I decided that I wanted to be a great cook when I grew up. I wanted to be a wife that cooked for her husband.
-Third, I want continue to learn new recipes. To branch out and explore cooking in other cultures. I'm a meat and potatoes kind of girl, and I love good American cooking. But I'm also loving some of the recipes I've found that touch on French and Indian style dishes.

I've decided I want to cook a new recipe once a week. That's 52 new recipes for the entire year. I'm going to try and cover everything from healthy foods, comfort foods, to exotic foods. I struggle with bread, so I'll throw a few of those in there while I'm at it. I had come up with an idea to gift home made cook books to my family members that contained my favorite recipes to cook. Maybe this year I can make that happen too.

This weekend I've got "Fancy Macaroni" topping my list, requested by my husband. No one can resist a 4 cheese macaroni with bacon, caramelized onions and a crumbly top!

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