Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sweet coffee style

I frequent belle maison almost daily, and she really has a wonderful eye for style. The pictures are always bold and inspiring, giving me ideas on how to transform my own home. She covers anywhere from an entire room, to the smallest detail that gives you a personal touch.

I'm a coffee drinker, and I don't think I could live without it. I think the caffiene plays a big part for a lot of people, but I truly enjoy the taste. I love trying new roasts and bold flavors. I also enjoy visiting Starbucks and trying new coffees and flavors.

During the winter months we all want a hot cup to warm us up, and a hot cup means a sleeve for your paper cup! Now, I don't know about the Starbucks (or any coffee shop at that) where you live, but the ones here are awfully stingy with their recycled sleeves.

Thanks to belle maison I found these beauties!

Cozies by Wayside Violet

These are sold on her Etsy shop, and she has tons of different ones to choose from. If you haven't shopped Etsy before, please do. It ended my Ebay addiction, and opened my eyes to a new world.

She even has little sweaters for your coffee mug! A perfect way to tell mugs apart at home.

One of my goals this year was that I would only purchase Starbucks once a week. So far, I've only purchased coffee out once this whole month. That's a huge step for me! I'm also seeing a huge difference in the amount of money I'm saving. However, it doesn't mean I wouldn't pick up one of these cozies to stash in my purse for those special days. Not to mention, they'd make a great gift for any coffee lover in your life. Adorable, sweet and stylish.

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