Saturday, May 29, 2010

And for today, more rain.


This rain is rudely interrupting my running schedule. We're on day two of an almost constant downpour. The rain let up yesterday for a bit around 6:00 and then started back in full force. I haven't seen rain like this in Washington in a while.

What I appreciate about my running schedule is that it's precisely planned out, but there is room to adjust should something come up. I already rearranged my schedule this last week (hence why my 7 miles fell on Thursday rather than Tuesday) because of overtime at work.

It's really hard to run 7 miles after you've just worked 12 hours over night, for the 5th night in a row, after only 4 hours of sleep because I didn't get the call until I had already chosen to not go straight to bed when my weekend started. But I'm not complaining, it makes for a good paycheck.

But it's still raining. And this is the last day of my week and I need to get in my 5 miles today. If I don't, I'll feel like a failure on week 3. I'll have missed a day, and that just doesn't work for me. So I guess my only option is to hope it clears up by this evening. If it doesn't, I'll be one very wet runner. 


shannon said...

Are you training for a run? I know what you mean about this rain. I am so sick of it! We had an outdoor wedding to attend yesterday, in the rain! :-0 I run in the rain a lot. The trick is to wait until there is a break in the rain, then just do it. If it starts raining when your running it is not as bad as leaving in the rain. sometimes it actually feels good. So as soon as the rain breaks, go for it! :-)

Care said...

I'm glad I read this, because I was starting to think this was the norm for May/June. I am so sick of this rain. I officially think I hate it here. I was talking to my Mom on skype yesterday (it was 97 where she lives in TX) and we had the news on in the background and the weather guy said "today Seattle was the coldest city in the USA!". I just had to LOL at the perfect timing of it all, right in the midst of my whining. LOL.

Way to go on your training schedule!! You are awesome!

Cassie said...

Good to hear from you, Shannon! I'm training for the Langley Half Marathon on July 11th. Great advice on the rain! I've run in it before when it's been light or misty, but not like it's been the last two days. And definitely not for a distance longer than 3 miles. But I can't let it put a damper on my schedule, so I better just get to it ;)

You know, Care, I'm not sure if I'm just getting used to the weather around here or if it is actually raining less the older I've gotten. I feel like as a kid, it rained all.the.time. Now as an adult, I feel like people complain way too much abou the rain. In all honesty, I think it's raining less. And these last two days have been ridiculous. This is winter rain! I'm sorry you hate it here :( I'm sure it's different when you're from somewhere that has amazingly sunny weather all the time. Even on the rainy days, I still love it here.

Thanks for all of the encouragement you two! My husband thinks you ladies are super sweet!

Care said...

Ha, I sound like such a whiner! I should rephrase with I love everything about it here except the weather, LOL. But, yes I lived the majority of my life in Texas and California, so this is like a culture shock to me weatherwise. I honestly didn't realize we'd need winter jackets year round. I am sooo looking forward to the fabulous summers that I have heard so much about!

BTW, you are doing so great w/ your running! I have fallen off the wagon a bit (as I sit here eating cheetos, LOL!).

Sorry I sounded like a downer before!!

Cassie said...

Oh, Care, you're fine! You crack me up. There are plenty of people who have lived here their whole lives that complain about our weather. There are a lot of things about the rain that I enjoy, but I don't enjoy it every stinkin' day. For having lived here for 24 years now, I swear the summers get better and better every year. We went without rain for a long time last summer and even had a week that hit 100. Our summer is a little strange in that it seems to last later in to the fall. Once July hits, you'll be able to put away those winter jackets until Halloween. It always seems that's the week weather turns to crap again and we're back to the norm ;) You're totally not a downer, I understand!