Monday, May 10, 2010

Review: Organic Wear

I mentioned here that I had purchased new makeup products from I had decided I'd take the route of testing a newer line of organic products I'd seen out. They were a little spendy for what I'm usually willing to pay at Walmart, but when I found the prices to be considerably less online I thought I'd give them a try.

It was mentioned to me (thank you, Mom) that just because a product is labeled as organic, doesn't necessarily mean it is organic. If the ingredients don't say specifically that they are organic then your product may not be 100% organic. As this may have been the case with these products, I chose to do a little research online. I looked at their website, Organic Wear Makeup and was reassured that the products I purchased were either of natural origin with no chemicals added or certified organic.

ECOCERT is the organic certification for cosmetic products (as the USDA does not certify cosmetics, only food). As long has your cosmetic product has this label it meets the standards to be organic. All three of the products in this post hold the ECOCERT label.

The first product is the Organic Wear Natural Bronzer in Natural Glow. The packaging is adorable. The compact is paper and similar to the box my Benefit 10 is packaged in. It has a clean scent, applies evenly and is soft to the touch. It wears well for over 12 hours and at the end of the day it doesn't make my skin feel greasy. I absolutely love this bronzer.

Next is the Organic Wear Eyeliner in Black Woods. I wasn't sure what their clever names were for and then I realized woods stands for brown. Sometimes I'm a little slow. I've always had trouble applying eyeliner until I found this one. I get a smooth line and it blends easily. If you were to rub your eye it would smudge, but it doesn't run on it's own. I avoided wearing eyeliner, but gave this a shot and I was sold.

Last is the Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara in Black (why the long name?). The packaging is a little silly and the wand was a little whimpy. However, wand judgement comes solely from my usual mascara being Bad Gal Lash by Benefit and their wand is huge. Even with the whimpy wand, this mascara gives full, lengthening coverage. It doesn't have a harsh smell and I don't have a problem with clumping or flaking. I'm impressed with the overall look even when my lashes are lacking curl that day. I will definitely buy this product again.

I'm very happy with all three products, which is always nice and unexpected when trying something new. I feel like they're good quality and priced decently for a drugstore brand. I've been able to thin out my makeup bag and the majority of my products are now Organic Wear & Benefit. If you're looking to try something new, I encourage you to spend the money to try these products!

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