Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The joys of online shopping

When you live 45 minutes away from a mall or Target... Or even a Fred Meyer (do those exist everywhere?), you start to live by online shopping.

Don't get me wrong, I love online shopping. I get to take as long as I want and I don't have to deal with sales staff asking if they can help me every 2 seconds. Nope, I think I know what I like. Definitely don't need someone picking clothes out for me. Thanks.

After recently talking with my cousin about living a healthier lifestyle, she's encouraged me to start looking in to the world of whole foods & organic products. She's modified her lifestyle and raises her 4 beautiful girls on all whole foods & organic products. If you're looking for a real live pioneer woman, she's it. I think she should blog actually. She's smart & funny. Boy, I love her.

Since I started wearing less makeup after changing my skin care routine, and I had a few products that were due to be replaced soon, I decided I'd look in to a few orgaic makeup products for my replacements.

I visited for the first time and placed an order for a few things I wear on a daily basis.

I love the packaging of each piece. When you flip over the bronzer there is a mirror & brush hidden inside. It's quite cute.

At my most recent annual appointment my doctor encouraged me to look in to prenatal vitamins rather than a regular multi vitamin. Prenatals have folic acid in addition to a regular multi, and she feels that any adult woman who ever plans to have children should take a prenatal in place of a multi vitamin until she's done having children or has expereienced menopause. Of course, everyone should consult their own doctor on what may be best for them, as this particular approach may not work for everyone.

I figured internet shopping was the perftect time to pick these up. Then I don't have to get the skeptical eye from the cashier at the store when my 26 year old self - who perhaps looks 16 to everyone else - throws prenatals up on the belt. Yeah, that's exactly what goes through my head.

I'm looking forward to trying my new products and hope they work for me in the way my current ones are, if not better. I'll be sure to review how I like them! In the mean time, visit and check out their prices. They're much lower than I found at my local Walmart and shipping was free with a purchase of $20 or more that day! I'm always a sucker for free shipping.


Kate said...

Ahh...Fred Meyers...I used to work at the one at Evergreen and Casino Rd. in Everett. Had to be walked to our cars if we worked until close. Good times! :)

I'm with you on the prenatals - I'll keep taking them until I'm done having babies. I figure - why not?!

TheThingAboutDaisies said...

I've always liked Physicians Formula, but honestly had no idea that they started a organic line. I'll have to look into that!
Oh and about bedding...I'm drooling over Black/white and a bright pop of Kelly green. Or even a really bright blue.