Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guess what I did?

Signed up for another 5k race.

Wanna know when it is? Two weeks earlier than the first 5k I signed up for.

Meaning I have a 5k race on Saturday. As in this Saturday. As in the day after tomorrow. Oh boy.

If I don't have a goal, I lack motivation. I don't want to disappoint my hard working momma, so I signed up for a race two weeks prior to ours. It's only a mile down the road from my house, so why not. Right? A coworker (and a fellow runner) encouraged me to sign up for our local half marathon. Um, no. A no then solicited the encouragement of signing up for the 5k fun run the day before the half marathon. After a ton of pestering, I mailed in my registration. The day before the postmark date, if you can believe that. Believe it.

This same coworker took me out for a run on Saturday on the course. It was a great run. I feel like I did really well. I pushed myself harder than I would have alone. I was happy there was someone to not only be accountable to, but someone to also prove my strengths to. It was really motivating. She's offered to help me with my training a couple days a week. There's no way I could pass that up.

I've chosen to join the ranks of Nike+. I signed up for my profile online and began looking through what they have to offer. I decided to order a sensor and received my email today letting me know my sensor shipped.
I don't have Nike's sensor ready shoes (I'm way too in love with my New Balance), so I've also ordered a little sensor pouch for my shoe. I'm considering myself smart for buying my husband his iPod Nano for Christmas in 2008. It will work perfectly with my Nike+ sensor. Who wouldn't want to track their runs? Time, distance, pace. This is starting to sound really good, right? I think so.

After reading Ange's post over at Swell Little Life, I decided it might be a good idea to start getting a little more organized with my running time too. I enjoy being active and like the way it makes me feel, but I sometimes just get too caught up in "relaxing" to really get out and enjoy what running has to offer. I've got my workouts planned on my Google calendar through May 1st right now.

I had intended to run right after work this morning. I even packed my bag of running gear to get me going down at the waterfront where the course is on Saturday. Then the weather went and put a damper on my running. A damper of sideways rain and wind that snapped power poles at the base. The wind is still beating the side of my house as I type this now. I intend to get up early to run before work, weather pending. Here's to hoping.

I'll have my race recap up on Sunday. Wish me luck!

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