Sunday, May 2, 2010

Favorites: In the Kitchen

Last weekend I took a ton of photos. I had borrowed a DSLR camera from a coworker who is interested in selling it. They were nice enough to allow me to use it for a few days to decide if it would be the camera for me. And though it wasn't, I was snapping away in the kitchen of some of my pretty vintage things.

That's when I realized they were some of my favorite pieces in the kitchen. And to top it off, they all have something very sweet in common. They all belonged to my husband's grandmother. The relationship he had with his grandmother was similar to the one I had with mine. Though I don't have anything but a memory left of my grandmother, I was more than touched to have the opportunity to have some of his grandmother's things in my kitchen to use.

This beautiful yellow Pyrex bowl. It's small and dainty, perfect for a hearty serving of salsa.

These peach depression glass relish dishes. I use these when I make tacos. I place my diced tomatoes, onion, cilantro & avocado in them.

Another peach depression glass relish dish. This is usually on my counter filled with fruits or vegetables. Onions, apples, bananas, potatoes. Anything I've brought home from the store that week.

This blue Pyrex mixing bowl. I realized I had this and the yellow bowl over Easter. I was looking for something to put the rolls in that would have a little spring color. I now keep it on the counter in my kitchen because it's the same color as my KitchenAid mixer!

My last piece of peach depression glass. This serving tray held the pulled pork & tortillas from my earlier taco post. It's also out in the kitchen to be seen. It's just too pretty to put away.

The mixing bowls were something my husband received many years before our time together. They've always been something he's enjoyed having. The glass pieces were my birthday gift from my mother-in-law last year.

I couldn't say enough good things about that woman. When we had been down at her house in the spring of 2009 I had admired the pink glass dishes in her china cabinet. She told me they were her mother's and that they used to use them during holiday meals. I had never seen depression glass in pink before and thought they were beautiful. Mind you, I never go to her house and comment on her things in hopes to have them gifted. You'd imagine my surprise when she sent us home with my birthday gift but made me promise not to open it until July. I pulled out that gift on my birthday and cried. How sweet to receive such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I felt so absolutely blessed that I was unable to find the words to thank her.

I love vintage things that have a story. I look forward to adding to my vintage kitchen collection whether they be meaningful heirlooms or just items we find on our own. Remeber to enjoy those things around you that hold special meaning.


Mrs. D said...

The peach depression glass is beautiful, and has a beautiful story behind it! Great post!

TheThingAboutDaisies said...

That is so wonderful that you have had those passed down to you. They are beautiful and I love that you put them to use. All of my depression era glass has been things that I have collected. Though I do have some very very fine crystal from both grandmothers, which is packed away in hopes of getting to have it set out for all to see in the future.

Cassie said...

Thank you ladies! I always love your comments. I called that glass pink until I started looking for other pieces online and realized it was actually peach. Either way, it's so pretty.

You need to put up pictures of your glass Ashley!