Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

The lovely Kate @ Momma Confessions has nominated for my first blogger award. Thanks so much Kate!

Here are 7 intersting things about me I may have not mentioned before:

1. I was born in Big Sky Country, also known as the state of Montana. My mom was a military brat and my grandfather's last stop before retiring was Great Falls, Montana where they chose to stay. When I was 3 years old my grandfather passed away, after that my family followed my grandmother to Washington State where we've been ever since.

2. I've never lived more than an hour away from my hometown of Mount Vernon where my parents raised us. As much as I tried to spread my wings and move to the "big city", I always stayed close enough to home. When it came time for me to buy my first house (at the age of 22) I moved back to my hometown to be close to my parents.

3. My husband and I met at work 3 years ago. We worked the same night shift and when there wasn't much going on out on the road he'd come in for a visit. We've been told we make quite the dynamic duo. He's a sheriff's deputy for our local county sheriff's office and I'm a dispatcher. Contrary to popular belief, law enforcement officer/dispatcher couples are incredibly common.

4. I worked as a banker for 3 years prior to starting my career as a dispatcher. I've not found a bigger night and day difference in jobs than I have between these two. Although I have to say, most money  matters are life and death emergencies to people. Just not quite like the ones I handle as a dispatcher.

5. I'd rather listen to music than watch tv. I find music is both relaxing and motivating.

6. I'm called a beer snob by most of my friends. I hated beer prior to dating my husband, but he taught me what to appreciate in a good beer. My husband is also a home brewer! Beer brewing is an awesome hobby.

7. Mashed potatoes and gravy are my all time favorite food. They remind me of being a kid and my grandmother. They're a meal all on their own, and I could eat a big heaping bowl of them every day if I had the chance.

And now to share the Beautiful Blogger Award with 7 bloggers that I enjoy every day:

Jennifer @ Blonde Ambition

I'm sure some of these ladies have received the award before, but these are my go to blogs every day. I absolutely love reading about them and really enjoy their personalities that they share. Thanks again Kate! It was a great start to my day.


Jennifer said...

Hi Cassie!! I'm honored that you visit my page daily -- you're such a sweetie!

I've never been to the Northwest before, only Cali out west, but it's definitely on my To Do List! We have friends who moved out to Oregon and the pictures that they send are just GORGEOUS!!

I've never lived more than a 1/2 hour from home -- ha! I'm such a mommy's girl ;-)


Cassie said...

Thanks for visiting Jenn! Your boys are adorable and I loved your story.

It's definitely beautiful up here. My husband's family lives in Oregon and it's so beautiful there too. People complain about our rainy weather but I don't seem to notice it too much.