Wednesday, February 10, 2010

last day of the weekend

Yesterday I thought I would be entertaining myself all day. However, I got lucky enough to talk my sister in to spending a little time with me even though she should have been packing for her trip to California today.

My morning started off well. I met with one of my best friends and coworker for our morning breakfast date. I like how we only have to ask if the other is interested in breakfast, set a time and we both manage to show up at the same place though location was left unspoken. It's our favorite breakfast spot in town.

After we parted ways I headed on to my sister's place to drop off a bag she had previously let me borrow for a trip to Vegas last June. I called her on the way there and convinced her to make a trip with me to the mall to pick up my rings. The only stipulation was that we make it back for her hair appointment. Good deal! We met at the Target near where she'd be getting her hair done and I stocked up on the home necessities. After that I grabbed a coffee from Starbucks and we headed another 45 minutes south to the mall.

When we arrived she got a text from her stylist canceling her appointment. Poor girl, she's heading to California today for a wedding and she got stuck without her last minute touch ups. But I was happy it gave us a little more time together. We hardly ever see each other. We browsed the mall for a while before heading back.

Before dropping her off at her car, we stopped to visit our mom & dad. I'm pretty sure the last time I saw them was Christmas Day when the family came to our place for dinner and a chance to open gifts. It's been way too long even if we live an hour apart. My mom gave me a new recipe that I hope to cook up in the next couple of weeks, she even sent me home with a few of the ingredients because she had extra. I'm looking forward to posting it.

I didn't get any thrift store shopping done today. I wasn't terribly disappointed because it was so nice to see my family. Next week I'll try and fit some in. Given our plans, I might be heading north to visit a friend I haven't seen since October. The last couple of times we've spent time together, she's made the hour and a half trip here to see me. It's definitely my turn this time. If it works out, I hope we'll get out for a mini shopping excursion and I'd like to stop by and see my friend Meg's new place as well.

Tonight starts another work week for me. 4 12's this week. Ouch! Thankfully I'm off to a good start turning back over to my night shift routine. I'll post my shopping finds from todays outing soon. Happy Wednesday!

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