Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Brady Boy!

Sunday was another busy day for us this weekend. We headed over to the peninsula to Port Angeles for Brady Boy's 1st birthday. Brady is my cousin Karissa's son. Again, we had beautiful Washington sunshine gracing us that day and we had the opportunity to take full advantage of it.

A view from the ferry line waiting to head to the peninsula.

View from the passenger deck above. This is the smallest ferry we'd ever been on.

Beautiful Puget Sound, I love you. You're the reason I stay here.

Once off the ferry on the other side we made the hour drive to Port Angeles. On the way through we saw beautiful views of Discovery Bay. It had been years since I had been any farther than Port Townsend after the ferry ride. The last time I had made my way through there was 11 years ago as a kid, and I'll be honest, not much has changed since then.

On to the baby's party! It was really quite cute. I've never been to party for a 1 year old (as an adult that is) and it was a lot of fun. He was such a doll. The personalities that grow in children as they get older are just fascinating. There was one present in particular that he loved above all the others and clapped when she opened it for him. Adorable!

On our way home we enjoyed the beautiful sunset in Port Townsend while waiting for the ferry.

It was a really fun day for us, and we were so thankful that we were invited to Karissa's big day for Brady. Looking forward to watching you grow another year Brady boy!


CalgaryDaddy said...

Great Photos! I live so close to there, but never been! Happy 1st Bday!


Shannon said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on the bed we built. I have been looking for plans for a buffet as well, I will keep you posted if I come across something. Hey, I am in the NW too! Where about are you? I am in the North.. about 35-45 out of seattle.