Friday, February 26, 2010

Is it that time of year yet?

Victoria's Secret loves me. They send me catalogs almost weekly. They must think I'm pretty special, huh? No? No, you're right. It's actually I that loves Victoria's Secret. I shop enough online they see it fit to send me catalogs almost weekly to ensure I continue to spend my life savings through their website. I might have a shopping problem. I'm glad we were able to talk this out.

Yesterday I received a Swim 2010 catalog and it's a little different than the one I received a few weeks ago. There were a few new suits and I found a few more that I love. Am I imagining that perhaps the price of most swimwear has gone down? Or has my brain just settled on the prices and sees them as normal now? Either way, I can't say many of the suits were what I'd consider to be too expensive.

Normally I don't buy up on new swimwear every year. I live in Washington and there isn't swimming weather here often. When I was a kid, I'd argue that point, but the first 70 degree day of the year doesn't equal swimming weather. The waters around here are still freezing! I'll add this piece of wisdom to the list of why I enjoy being an adult. The suits that I wear every summer have been a part of my wardrobe since 2006. They're Victoria's Secret and still look brand new. I purchased them for my second trip to Vegas. I love them, and that's why I still have them. I even took them to Hawaii in 2007 without bothering to purchase something new. But this year I I've found so many new pieces that I love, I think I'm just going to break out and buy a little something new.

My reason? VEGAS! My fifth trip to Vegas is planned for this June with a group of friends, and I'm already counting down the days. I can't quite explain what it is about that place but I absolutely love it. I love the people, the weather, the entertainment, the freedom. I just love Vegas. I went last June with my sister-in-law and two other ladies and we had a great time. There wasn't enough pool lounging time, but that's what this trip is for.

After looking through my catalog yesterday, I've found a few favorites and I'm hoping to pick one or two up for my trip this year.

I'm not keen on showing my buddah belly, but I also don't want a one piece suit. This is almost the perfect combination.

I love the pattern of this suit. It's a great take on the classic black bikini, but the pattern isn't so far out there I couldn't keep a hold of it for a few years. The bandeau top is debatable for my smaller chest though.

Everyone needs an animal print suit. And I think I need this one. Benefit: this top works well with my smaller chest!

It's black (my favorite) and I love the stars. And bonus, my husband loves this suit too.

I'm loving the retro look of this suit, and I like that the bottoms have enough coverage that they might very well assist in blending my problematic love handles in to the overall look... Thought provoking.

I'm really loving this dress. Yellow seems to be a new love for me this year.

I wouldn't say any of the suits I've chosen are all that spectacular. But they're a little more daring, at least color wise, than I would normall choose. I'm a typical black bikini kind of girl. Even the yellow dress is a stretch for me fashion wise. I don't wear dresses often, and generally live in a tshirt and jeans. As I get older it seems my taste is becoming a little more feminine and I really care less of what others might think of what I'm wearing and concentrate on the fact that I alone love what I'm wearing. Above all though, I'm just really ready for some time in the sun poolside in Vegas.


Francis said...

love the second suit nd that yellow dress!

Care said...

I like the blue retro suit! I am also adding Anacortes to my list of day trips, thanks to your post below!

Kate said...

The second is my favourite too!