Thursday, February 18, 2010

DIY: Floral

My weekend thrift store (and dollar store) finds set me up for a pretty cute floral arrangement for the house. Since we've been in the process of remodeling for so long, we haven't been living with anything more than the basics. No extra color or personalization, so I figured a floral arrangement would do me some good.

I started with the yellow hydrangeas, the onion grass and the glass bottle.

Next I took the onion grass and attatched it to the stem of each hydrangea on the little nub the leaf was on.

Next I placed the first stem in the bottle with onion grass in the middle.

Here I placed the second hydrangea in the same way, with the onion grass in the middle. Here you begin to adjust the grass between the flowers so it's spread throughout.

You could use as many or as few sprigs of onion grass depending on how much greenary you want in your arrangement. I used 3 more sprigs.

I placed the three along the outside of the hydrangea in a triangle like pattern and spread the sprigs among the flowers.

And your arrangement is complete!

I love it! Now it's just a matter of finding where to put it. Right now it will sit on the top of our wood stove. After realizing how easy it was, it gives me more motivation to keep the vases I have downstairs that were purchased over two years ago while wedding planning. Hopefully my creativity continues and I'll have more arrangements to brighten up the house in the future.

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