Friday, February 19, 2010

the weekend update

For the life of me, could I just once go an entire weekend without making any plans at all? I'm going to safely assume the answer to that is no. Today is my Friday (weird, it's everyone's right?) and I'm very happy about it as I'm starting my 4 day weekend. I don't know what I'd do without them. But given the nature of the beast, I've got plans 3 of 4 days and I have no idea when I'll manage to accomplish anything around the house. But I know I'll have fun in the mean time.

Saturday I have a girl date. I'm heading over to my most favorite place in the world, Anacortes, for a massage at the Majestic Inn & Spa with my coworker. They have the popular Chrysalis Spa inside their renovated inn, and her and I are well overdue for some pampering. And when I say overdue, I mean well overdue. Mostly because I've never had a massage before. And I don't know if she has either. Cross your fingers the experience is pleasant and that I don't die of anxiety or complete embarassment.

Sunday we're headed over to Port Angeles for my second-cousin's 1st birthday. I hate saying second-cousin, it's awkward. But it's my cousin's son so that would be correct, right? I know my cousin is extremely excited that we'll be there for the little man's birthday party and I'm pretty excited to give him his gift. You see, his grandpa is a huge Steelers fan. We live in Seahawk country, and even though I'm not a huge football buff, little man needs a Seahawks something! His daddy would want it that way (Daddy is in Iraq)! So I got little man his very own Seahawks warm up suit. It's super cute (and I'm lucky his mommy doesn't read my blog).

Monday we have my husband's best friend here to stay with us. He lives in the Seattle area and will be up to visit his parents who still live on the island. Their place is small and given he was also once husband's roommate, I never mind allowing him to hole up in our spare bedroom. We'll be grilling, drinking wonderfully home brewed beer and enjoying the company. And a house guest always gives me a reason to cook. New recipes this weekend!

Tuesday is my free day. No plans and I hope we keep it that way. Husband and I usually try to just make that our one on one day depending on how plans work out, and I'm hoping we'll get a few hours in downstairs in the master. I got started last weekend, but it's going to take some time to sort that mess out. But listen, I have picture frames from the dollar store that need to be painted and hung, so I just need to get on it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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