Monday, February 15, 2010

Our simple Valentine's Day out

We don't ever do anything spectacular on Valentine's Day, but this year I'd say we had a pretty good time.

We made dinner plans with my parents and met half way. We took them to one of our favorite restaurants, The Rockfish Grill, and had a bite to eat. I have to say, we used to frequent the place weekly. However we haven't been in a while. Their menu was revamped and they must have a new cook. After talking up the place the way we did, we were really disappointed in our meal. But at least we got to spend time with my parents, which I truly enjoyed.

Afterwards we walked across the street to the Anacortes Cinema and caught a movie. I'm not a huge movie person, but figured the rest of the crowd wouldn't mind. We watched Valentine's Day, and it wasn't bad. It had it's sweet and funny moments, and sometimes just plain lame. But I think my movie experience was less than exciting when I got the "look" from my husband when he found out what we were actually seeing. I promised I'd make it up to him and go to a movie he'd like to see this weekend. Wolfman, here we come.

Despite the subpar dinner and maybe feeling a little bad I "tricked" my husband in to seeing a girly movie, it was a great night out. I was happy to spend a date night out with the love of my life, and my two wonderful parents who are the true definition of love in every sense. Hope everyone else enjoyed their day!

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