Friday, February 19, 2010

Hubby got a new toy

Two years. Two years my husband and I have been without a grill. Two years we've disagreed on what kind of grill we need. Two years we've been cooking steaks, chicken, burgers and kabobs stove top via cast iron cookware. Well friends, I'm happy to say a decision has been made and hubby got a new toy over the weekend!

Please meet the Traeger Lil Tex. This is a true BBQ machine. Not only is this a grill, but it's a straight up smoker (and that's necessary in the Pacific Northwest, we've got salmon!). My mouth was watering at the possibilities before we even left home with this thing. He smoked up brisket the day we brought it home, and he made us some delicious grilled chicken for our lunches this work week. I married a grilling fiend!

It brought the biggest smile to my face to see him so happy this weekend. He's truly proud of his new purchase. I'm happy we'll be spending more time cooking together. Combine my favorite hobby with my best friend and we've got some great memories ahead of us.


Kate said...

Happy grilling!

Whitbey Island - what a SMALL world! Have you always lived there?

We used to live just into Everett, off Mukilteo Blvd. and I went to Kamiak High School for a couple years.

What a beautiful part of the world!

On a totally unrelated note, I'd love to see some pics of your renos!

Cassie said...

Way small world! I actually grew up in Mount Vernon. I moved to Whidbey (Oak Harbor) 2 years ago. I've worked here for 3 and my husband already owned a house here, so when we decided to move in together this was just naturally the best option for us.

It's so beautiful here, I absolutely love being so close to the ocean. Where are you in Canada now? Are the Olympics causing mayhem up there?

I'll have to sort through old pictures and start putting up before and afters from the projects we've already done. Now I'm trying to find time to start on what we have left. We'd really like to have it done before the end of the year.

megan said...

Talk about a small world... I went to middle school in mukilteo (I attended olympic view) and lived in possession bay than moved to skagit county for high school. What year did you graduate high school?