Tuesday, February 9, 2010

entertaining a party of one

Today I'll be on my own for a while while my husband is instructing for work. I'm not sure for how long that will be, but I've decided I'll run around and do a few things on my own.

I have a 9:00am breakfast date, and afterwards I'm going to make the hour and a half drive to the mall to pick up my rings. I got a call today they're finished and ready to be picked up. I don't really want to drive all that way alone, but I also don't feel like leaving my rings at the shop for another week.

After that I'm hitting thrift stores! I've had the itch to get out and do a little thrift store shopping to start putting together my dining room and master. I figure I'll be able to find a few pieces to refinish and repurpose for a fraction of the cost. And I love making old things new again. Mostly I just love spray painting things. Like the bed frame in the guest bedroom. Or picture frames. I think I just like spray paint.

On my list while I'm out and about tomorrow:

Picture frames of all shapes and sizes
A large frame that will accomodate my chalk board for my dining room wall
A bed frame for the soon-to-be-new master bedroom
A chair. Any old chair will do. Preferably something that can both be painted and reupholstered.

And lastly I need to hit Target or Walmart for household essentials we're running out of like toilet paper and windex. I'm praying for sunshine to make the most of the drive. I'll post my finds later!

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