Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weekend thrift store finds

Last week I had posted my desire to hit the thrift stores to start looking for finds for my new master-in-progress. Plans changed to spend time with family but this weekend was a success! I found a lot of great little things that I loved, and didn't spend too much along the way.

My day started off with a trip an hour and a half north to see a good friend of mine. Our lives changed 3 years ago and we only see each other about twice a year now. We were married to best friends, and worked for the same company. We are no longer married to those best friends, she moved home to her hometown and I moved to the island for a new job. I went up yesterday to see her new house, we enjoyed lunch out at my favorite Thai restaurant and then we did some shopping. We had a lot of fun.

Our first stop was a little shop was a quiet antique shop off the beaten path.

I picked up this bottle with the intention of putting flowers in it.

These dishes match a set of peach/pink depression glass serving dishes my mother-in-law gave me for my birthday last July. The print is the same, but they're only the clear glass here. Either way, I loved them.

I've been looking for a little glass dish to hold my jewelry. I only have a few pieces that I wear every day and I can't tell you how many times I've dropped my diamond earrings down the drain of the sink because they are just sitting on the ledge of the medicine cabinet. This should help solve that problem for now.

Our second stop was at the Dollar Tree. I was told there was an abundance of picture frames there, and that sold it for me. I picked up 7 frames and will repaint them a satin black for the photo collage downstairs.

(I picked up 2 of these)

We finished up a few errands my friend had to run, and visited one more thrift store where I purchased my best find of the day. It's still in my trunk and needs some work, so no photos yet, but I'll post the refurbishing process. After that I was off to my next stop. I drove in to the next town over to visit my friend Meg! She also has a new place and I had to see it and her before I left. We haven't seen each other in months, and we text each other daily. I missed her and was happy to see her.

Meg had a few coupons to Michael's for their President's Day Sale. She insisted we go, and so I went.

I've grown to love birds. My mother-in-law has a ton of little trinkets to look at all over her house when we make the long trip to southern Oregon to visit her. She has so many cute little birds and I'm very fond of them every time I see them. I couldn't pass up these adorable little things.

This little guy will be set aside to go downstairs in my black and white bathroom when it's finished. He'll look cute on a little shelf against the black and white floral wallpaper I've picked out.

This little guy is blue. He's for my kitchen. Blue isn't my favorite color, but my kitchen slowly became blue without even realizing it. My granite counter tops are dark with mostly blue flecks and the Kitchen Aid mixer my husband bought for my birthday is Martha Stewart blue.

Lastly I picked up these bunches of yellow hydrangea. They're pictured with the onion grass that was bought at the dollar store.

Overall I think I came away with some good finds. Though I may be a little ahead of myself when it comes to decor for unfinished rooms, it was a nice trip. It helps bring my vision alive for each room. My husband was pretty impressed with the cute things I came away with. I'm looking forward to next month's trip up north and visiting a few new shops.


Kate said...

Just found your blog through Mrs. F.

Love the idea of painting the dollar store picture frames!

Cassie said...

Thanks for reading Kate! I'm hoping they turn out as well as the vision inside my head :)